MoonWeather : Moon phase tracker and weather forecasting app for iPhone and Android

A simple app for checking the current phase of the moon, weather extended forecast, and more.

Now available on the iOS App Store   Now available on the Google Play Store

Available now for Android   MoonWeather available on the App Store for iPhone

Track the Moon Phase

Moon phase tracker

The moment you open the app you'll be presented with the current moon phase, hourly, and daily weather forecasts for the next 8 days.

Extended Forecasts

Extended forecasting

Tap the weather tab in the side drawer to switch to viewing just the weather forecasts. Choose between temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit or Celcius.

Your Daily Overview

Daily overview

Double tap the main moon phase or weather icon from any screen to get a gorgeous view of what to expect during your day.

Favorite Places

Saved locations and favorites

Save your favorite places by searching for any location on earth. They'll show up in the side drawer where you can manage them and other options.

"The perfect spin on the weather app category"

- John Weeber, App Developer/Blogger

"Simply beautiful! The last weather app you'll ever need."

- Andrew Mascone, City Design Review

"Fast. Accurate. Gorgeous. What more could I want?"

- Jennifer Peet, Appostrophe Magazine