A simple app for checking the current phase of the moon, weather, and extended forecast.

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Privacy Policy

We're going to make this real simple and not use any legalese. This document constitute's our Privacy Policy for MoonWeather for iOS. MoonWeather was developed in April of 2014 and is maintained by Bill Patrianakos through Clever Labs.

What information do we collect?

We collect a handful of basic data points that currently include but aren't limited to:

  • User actions in app
  • Locations where users request data from
  • Data searched for in-app
  • Device names and unique ID's

What do we do with that information?

A better way to put that would be "why do we collect that data"? The answer, in short, is to improve the experience of our app for users like you. If that's not sufficient for you, here's a more detailed explanation:

User actions in app
We want to know what the app's most popular features are. We really don't care who you are but we want to know what people are tapping on most and what flow they're taking through the app so we can make things easier in future updates.

Locations where users request data from
We may record where you are requesting data from for the purposes of researching how users in different regions use certain features. Again, we don't know or care who you are as an individual, we just want to measure certain data points in aggregate. You may opt out of this by selecting "No" when prompted to allow MoonWeather to use your current location the first time the app starts up. In addition you may choose to toggle this setting at any time in the iOS settings app. If you choose not to allow MoonWeather to use your current location to gather weather data the app will fall back to using your IP address instead. Although it is less accurate, it should suffice for those who choose not to allow MoonWeather to use their current location.

Data searched for in-app
Knowing what locations users search for can help us do a better job of making sure search results are snappy and accurate regardless of how detailed they are.

Device names and unique ID's
Apple does not allow apps to use UDID's anymore however we may assign your device a unique identifier of our own. We do this so that we do not count a single user multiple times when studying the results of our UI research.

What third-party services do we use?

We use Mixpanel to track actions within our app and to build custom profiles of each user as described above.
View Mixpanel's Privacy Policy

Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics to view stats on our most popular features, total installs, and device statistics of our users.
View Google's Privacy Policy

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We’re offering up 100 free copies of MoonWeather before it hits the App Store. To get yours just enter your email address and we’ll send you instructions to let you download the prerelease version of MoonWeather and more details about the beta program. All beta testers will get a promo code to download the final version when it hits the Apple App Store later this month.

If you don't give an email how will we contact you?

You are #{{ slotsTaken }} in line for the beta program. We'll be in touch soon with more details.